High Interval Intensive Training (HIIT)

While gaining weight is often easy, losing it may often be awfully challenging. This is because it often requires people to jump out of their usually quiet and calm comfort zones into a fast-paced, high-energy environment they may feel they are not ready for. Losing a significant amount of weight within a short time, as many later discover, requires a lot from us physically and one is often required to get mentally ready for what it takes to burn up all that ‘bass’ into treble. Several ways of burning off this extra fat have been fronted over the years, each being significantly structurally different from another. One of these is the ever-efficient High Interval Intensive Training (HIIT) method. So what is HIIT and why is it good for burning fat?

What is HIIT?

High Interval Intensive Training is a rigorous weight loss method that employs the use of very fast-paced, highly intensive alternating exercises with short, less thorough recovery periods. A variant of cardiovascular, it is an enhanced interval training strategy whose sessions last for about 4 minutes to half an hour. These vigorous exercises rapidly burn off a person’s fat reserve making them leaner, more shapely and sculptured. It is quite taxing on the body but is often very effective posting more than impressive results. It also has several additional benefits such as an improved glucose metabolism and athletic capacity.

Whenever a person exercises, their body uses oxygen to create energy. Whenever they reach a certain intensity during the exercise, however, their body’s demand for oxygen begins to exceed their ability to breathe in. Their body then goes into what is known as “oxygen debt.” Once a person goes into oxygen debt, not only do they feel their muscles burning, they begin to breathe harder to compensate for this deficit. Whenever this happens, they are said to ‘repaying’ this debt, burning a lot of fat in the process. HIIT features a series of such processes with short but full recovery sessions. This goes a long way in reducing their weight, radically transforming their outward appearance for the better.

How to do High Interval Intensity Training.

While there may be no special rules for performing this routine, here are some quick tips to get you started:

• Limit The Interval Length To 3 Minutes.

High intervals are generally physically taxing. If you can go for more than three minutes, then you probably aren’t working out hard enough to generate a substantial post-exercise calorie burning effect.

You might, therefore, want to establish a baseline level of aerobic fitness before you begin adding intervals to your routine. As your physical conditioning improves, you will be able to go for longer intervals and increase your intensity. A good example of a full session would be one such as this.

Begin by doing 10 repeats of 10 seconds hard pedalling accompanied by 20 second rests, then 8 repeats of 20 seconds followed by 40 second rests and to finish it all off, 6 repeats of 30 seconds with a full minute of rest.

As one’s fitness conditioning improves, however, they should add more intervals until their sessions include intervals from beginning to the end after a significant warm up.

• Combine with Weight Training

As mentioned earlier on, HIIT comprises of virtually any exercise that is vigorous and intense over a short period of time and one that features a short recovery period within its sets. This can be as simple as a person hitting the gym with a jump rope, and jumping as hard they can for 20 seconds to any other fast fat-burning routine or hard cardio. One can, therefore, spice it up by including weight lifting. This combination has been proven to be exceptionally effective. After three tough sessions on a treadmill, one can go over to the bike, do three more, hit the rowing machine for a few minutes before capping it up with a hard weight lifting session.

Spreading out the intervals over a longer period of time, however, does not constitute a full-blown High-Intensity Interval Training workout, but is an excellent way to build up one’s stamina.

High Interval Intensive training is without a doubt among the most effective weight loss programs. This is primarily because it burns more fat than any other physical weight loss method and has the unique advantage of not requiring any equipment. It is, therefore, worth trying as it guarantees impressive results, better than any other technique out there.

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