Positive and Negative Effects of Winstrol

Winstrol is a synthetic steroid whose active ingredient is Stanozolol. It is famous among great performance improvement bodybuilders and athletes due to its mild nature and very promising results after use. In addition, it is very favourable to women as it is considered 100% safe for use. This steroid has a number of effects, both positive and negative, which will be discussed in detail below.

One of the biggest positive effects of Winstrol is its ability to increase a person’s strength and speed to an incredibly large extent. This explains why it has been widely used for competitive sports for ages. In addition to boosting one’s strength and performance, it allows athletes to perform at their optimum level and with improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Winstrol tablets uk are also ideal for persons on a strict calorie diet, as they preserve lean muscle tissue resulting in an attractive harder and tighter physique. As observed in the past, a person with more muscle when dieting has better metabolism and eventually looks much better. Winstrol also has great vascular effects but which are best achieved when one is already in a lean state. Women also tend to achieve more in terms of growth from the steroids as they only require a small daily dosage of about 10mg per day.

Winstrol has a number of negative side effects some which could be lethal and physically degrading if the drug is administered in the wrong dosage. For starters, Stanozolol, the active ingredient in Winstrol is known to have an active life of about 8 days. Winstrol tablets also have a great bioavailability and can be detected over a period of even up to 3 weeks. The worst part is that they are not broken down in the liver during the first pass. This greatly increases the toxicity of the drug to the liver.

Other associated adverse reactions affect the genitourinary system of both men and women. In women, virilisation may occur resulting in menstrual irregularities and clitoral enlargement (clitoromegaly), a condition that is irreversible. In some cases, it has been reported that some women also develop a hoarse voice and experience increased facial hair. Pre pubertal effects in men include increased frequency of erections and a notable phallic enlargement. Post pubertal effects include bladder irritability, impotence and inhibited testicular function. Both sexes could also experience an increased or decreased libido.

Winstrol tablets may also cause baldness in women and increased acne occurrence in boys experiencing puberty, and women. Some people will experience headaches and difficulty sleeping which are among the less serious side effects of the drug. Patients are advised to report edema if they experience a retention of sodium, chloride, potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and water and a decrease in secretion of calcium by the urinary tract. This effects are characteristic of many anabolic steroids but should, however, not be ignored. Nausea and vomiting can be highlighted as some of the gastrointestinal effects expected and may occur in some people.

When taken in the right dosage and for the correct amount of time, the side effects of Winstrol tablets experienced can be kept at a minimum. One must contact a doctor if they have prostate cancer, breast cancer or are expectant before commencing any Winstrol administration.

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