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Anabolic Steroid Dangers, a Stereotypical Menace

Anabolic steroid dangers are very real and very common. Many people take these powerful drugs without doing any research into the potential negative effects they may cause.

This article will help educate anyone thinking of using steroids for the first time and wanting to know the potential dangers.

Anabolic Steroids are basically artificial versions of the male hormone testosterone. Steroids have two typical effects on the human body; anabolic, a muscle building effect and an androgenic, or masculinising effect.

They have been widely used by people in the sports fraternity, mostly sportsmen and fewer sportswomen because of the realization that they lead to increased body weight and strength.

Anabolic Steroids are readily available from illicit sources due to them being illegal to sell in many countries.

In this day and age, they are not only used by competitive users but also everyday people purely for cosmetic purposes.

There are however many drawbacks in using the steroids (anabolic) which may adversely affect some vital body functions. Let us now briefly look at some of the potential side effects of anabolic steroid use.

Major side effects/dangers of anabolic steroid use

Skin: The most common side effect is suffering from acne which is usually developed using moderate levels. The more steroids you take the higher the risk.

a male steroid user showing his acne covered back

Heart: There have been evident cases of people who have suffered from a heart attack as a result of using steroids.

Aggression: this can take many forms including but not limited to paranoia, irritability, verbal hostility, and physical assault.

Sexual Disturbance: There may be a disturbance in sexual function arising from the use of the steroids. For example, in men steroids depresses the pituitary hormones formation that effects the function of the testis and lowers naturally produced testosterone.

Bleeding: There can be a lengthening of the bleeding time due to a clotting deficiency caused by steroids. Some athletes have suffered from a stroke when using steroids due to clot formation.

Tendon damage: Steroids strengthen and build muscle but do not enhance tendons. Due to increased stresses placed on the tendons, users may suffer from tendon tears and ruptures.

Women and Side Effects: Anabolic steroids can produce unusual effects in a female, such as voice deepening, clitoral enlargement and irregularity of periods.

It is therefore important that if a steroids user notices any of the above side effects, he or she should stop using the steroid immediately.

You can read more about the potential of dangers of steroids by visiting JackedBattalion. Please leave comments below and we will try our best to reply to them all.

4 Major Benefits to Using Tanning Tablets


Everyone feels great and looks their best with a soft golden glow but it’s not always easy keeping a tan without compromising your health.

The great news is that there’s now a new alternative which protects your health and skin while still giving you the same beautiful appearance: tanning tablets.

Here’s four advantages that tanning tablets have on the rest of the market.

1 – You won’t get wrinkles

If you care about how you look, getting wrinkles is going to be a concern but unfortunately regular exposure to sunlight will cause serious premature ageing.

Skin which has been tanned regularly from UV rays soon takes on a leathery, thickened appearance, making you seem much older than you really are. Wrinkles, sunspots and crow’s feet can all be caused by exposure to UV rays.

Tanning tablets work without any exposure to sunlight so you won’t develop any wrinkles or signs of premature ageing, just a golden glow.

2 – No risk of skin cancer

Wrinkles may seem undesirable but exposure to sunlight can be much worse than just a few lines on your face.

Exposure to sunlight in sufficient doses to get a tan means sustaining harmful damage to your skin. This applies regardless of whether you use an indoor tanning bed or go outdoors into natural sunlight.

Tanning of any kind is linked to a higher incidence of skin cancer because the damage is being done before you even realise it. And it could take many years for the effect of tanning to show.

Tanning tablets don’t carry any risk of skin cancer and because you don’t need sunlight for them to work, you can get a golden glow safely.

3 – No mess

fake-tanOne popular alternative to exposure to UV rays is using a fake tan, and this can be a great way to get an all over glow.

However, fake tan isn’t without its own problems. To get an even tan without any streaking means that a careful application is needed. And that also means making sure you don’t rub off the cream, gel or mousse before its dry.

Fake tan can get onto clothes and bedlinen, plus the application is messy. Have you ever tried applying fake tan to your own back?!

By contrast, tanning tablets are easy: just pop a pill and wait for your tan to develop, no mess and no fuss.

4 – An even glow

While having a beautiful tan will make you look your best, white patches or streaks aren’t exactly sexy.

If you’re tanning under UV rays, indoors or out, it’s almost impossible to get an even colour without white patches even if you manoeuvre into the most uncomfortable positions! And fake tan can be streaky, particularly if you sweat or your skin isn’t scrupulously clean before you apply it.

With tanning tablets, you don’t have to worry about whether it will be even, just pop a pill and with no fuss you’ll soon have a beautiful all-over tan, with no white bits or patches.

Look your best with Tanning Tablets

Rio’s Tanning Tablets are among the best in the market, providing a natural looking tan that’s totally safe which you can buy here. Say goodbye to white patches, streaks and messy applications and hello to a gorgeous golden glow!


Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) Report

Deca Durabolin is a steroid, which is often simply referred to as “Deca”, is a product name for Nandrolone Decanoate (C28H44O3), an anabolic steroid known to enhance performance by augmenting strength and stamina, decreasing muscle fatigue, and considerably increasing muscle growth.  It provides remarkable gains over time with comparatively few side effects when used sensibly. Most male users tolerate it well due to its varied effective doses.


Deca Durabolin Profile

Being a very anabolic steroid, with a very small number of androgenic properties, Deca Durabolin provides exceptional gains with very few adverse side effects but only when used sensibly. Deca does not usually add weight as fast as other off-season compounds. In addition, it has a comparatively long half-life as it continues to release into the user’s body for a span of up to three weeks.  Although some steroids tend to add weight rapidly, most of that weight is water.  With this anabolic steroid, the results are different as the gains usually come slower but are of a superior quality. Many bodybuilders use a faster acting compound such as Dianabol to kick-start their cycles in order to off-set the slow-acting nature of this steroid.

Deca Durabolin is available in injectable forms, pills as well as liquids. However, the majority of bodybuilders prefer injections as pills and capsules normally take longer to work and are not easily found. When administered by injection, none of the potency of Deca is lost during digestion and the user can obtain better results – milligram for milligram.  Besides, being a comparatively slower-acting compound, Deca users will not experience the abrupt “rush” which other steroids are likely to cause.

Deca Durabolin Dosage and Cautions

When it comes to dosages, Deca Durabolin 300 is the point at which bodybuilders prefer most to kick off during their bulking circles. This is because both benefits and gains become obvious at this dose.  On the other hand, many male users find 400mg per week to be the perfect dose since it tends to balance the benefits and risks. Users are strongly advised against taking more than 600mg per week.  Furthermore, this dose should be reduced drastically during a cutting phase. During a cutting cycle, male users often feel tired and weak.  However, adding a low dose of Deca Durabolin can increase overall energy levels and help the users to feel better while they cut.

Deca Durabolin dosage differs a lot from person to person, meaning what one bodybuilder may be able to tolerate, another one may find it too unbearable. By slowly tapering their dose, users will be able to determine their own optimal dose. It is advisable to kick off with 200mg per week the first week, and slowly work upwards week by week. When it comes to determining one’s ability to tolerate this compound, a Deca-only cycle is ideal. However, it is important to consult your physician or healthcare team on this.

Side Effects

Deca Durabolin side effects differ from person to person, and they are also likely to increase with dosage quantities. However, several steps can be taken to mitigate the risks, for instance including quality supplements such as anti-estrogens, diuretics and anti-hypertensive medications as well as watching your diet and exercise regime closely. It is also very important to stick to the guidelines for responsible dosage.

Tanning and Bodybuilding – How They Go Hand in Hand

Fake tans make body builders appear full with bulging muscles when they show up on stage. They use plenty of flashy and eye catching tans that will make gym stretch marks appear like muscle ripples. Sunless tan magnifies their gym efforts to their admirers, with a little effort and tanner you can also get that illusionary perfect figure, if you are concerned about leaving impressions that is.

Tan makes you look muscular

On a darker skin, muscles appear bigger and prominent than is the case for lighter skin tones. Fake tans save you precious time that you would spend sunbathing to achieve the darker skin tone. You can get those muscles sticking out with little effort when you have to appear in competition, contests, or photoshoots. Body builders like to use fake tan to highlight the muscles on their chest, torso rams, and legs.

Tan highlights muscle definition

With a tan spray or lotion, the patterns of your muscles get highlighted. The more you apply to make your skin darker the more defined your muscles look. This gives your admirers the impression that you are rippling with muscles. With tanning, you also get to bottle back the genie of acne before it goes any further.

Tanning makes you look leaner

Many celebrities and body builders break a lot of sweat trying to blast body fat, to appear curvaceous and muscular. Sunless tan can make you look slimmer, on the face your eyes will appear sunken and the abdomen are will appear smaller than is really is. This concept is like the one plus size models use; dark wardrobes to appear slimmer. The tan trickery works for all body types and with a little effort you get to blow the mind of your admirers.

With tan you get to look really good on stage in whatever lighting condition. That is why in a competition or show you will never see a body builder with a white tone for it makes them appear smaller than their darker counterparts. White guys look softer and round. The tanning concept for god looks also works for models, they need tan to appear endowed in the right areas even though they might be endowed everywhere.

It all contributes to the final score

Performance tans greatly contribute to the final score and so competitors want to ensure that their darker features are standing out. Darker skin highlights all the efforts they have spent in the gym.

If one of your dreams is good looks then fake tans can make that dream come true, you will achieve the muscular looks you desire. Whether if you have to appear in competitions, TV shows or shoots for a magazine cover, sunless tans will save your day. You get the chance to perfect what you have been working on, and make the world your rippled muscles. That said, you need to know what works well on your skin, when spraying, get a specialist to assist you so that the tan is applied evenly or else you will lose points. For more info on every aspect of tanning see

High Interval Intensive Training (HIIT)

While gaining weight is often easy, losing it may often be awfully challenging. This is because it often requires people to jump out of their usually quiet and calm comfort zones into a fast-paced, high-energy environment they may feel they are not ready for. Losing a significant amount of weight within a short time, as many later discover, requires a lot from us physically and one is often required to get mentally ready for what it takes to burn up all that ‘bass’ into treble. Several ways of burning off this extra fat have been fronted over the years, each being significantly structurally different from another. One of these is the ever-efficient High Interval Intensive Training (HIIT) method. So what is HIIT and why is it good for burning fat?

What is HIIT?

High Interval Intensive Training is a rigorous weight loss method that employs the use of very fast-paced, highly intensive alternating exercises with short, less thorough recovery periods. A variant of cardiovascular, it is an enhanced interval training strategy whose sessions last for about 4 minutes to half an hour. These vigorous exercises rapidly burn off a person’s fat reserve making them leaner, more shapely and sculptured. It is quite taxing on the body but is often very effective posting more than impressive results. It also has several additional benefits such as an improved glucose metabolism and athletic capacity.

Whenever a person exercises, their body uses oxygen to create energy. Whenever they reach a certain intensity during the exercise, however, their body’s demand for oxygen begins to exceed their ability to breathe in. Their body then goes into what is known as “oxygen debt.” Once a person goes into oxygen debt, not only do they feel their muscles burning, they begin to breathe harder to compensate for this deficit. Whenever this happens, they are said to ‘repaying’ this debt, burning a lot of fat in the process. HIIT features a series of such processes with short but full recovery sessions. This goes a long way in reducing their weight, radically transforming their outward appearance for the better.

How to do High Interval Intensity Training.

While there may be no special rules for performing this routine, here are some quick tips to get you started:

• Limit The Interval Length To 3 Minutes.

High intervals are generally physically taxing. If you can go for more than three minutes, then you probably aren’t working out hard enough to generate a substantial post-exercise calorie burning effect.

You might, therefore, want to establish a baseline level of aerobic fitness before you begin adding intervals to your routine. As your physical conditioning improves, you will be able to go for longer intervals and increase your intensity. A good example of a full session would be one such as this.

Begin by doing 10 repeats of 10 seconds hard pedalling accompanied by 20 second rests, then 8 repeats of 20 seconds followed by 40 second rests and to finish it all off, 6 repeats of 30 seconds with a full minute of rest.

As one’s fitness conditioning improves, however, they should add more intervals until their sessions include intervals from beginning to the end after a significant warm up.

• Combine with Weight Training

As mentioned earlier on, HIIT comprises of virtually any exercise that is vigorous and intense over a short period of time and one that features a short recovery period within its sets. This can be as simple as a person hitting the gym with a jump rope, and jumping as hard they can for 20 seconds to any other fast fat-burning routine or hard cardio. One can, therefore, spice it up by including weight lifting. This combination has been proven to be exceptionally effective. After three tough sessions on a treadmill, one can go over to the bike, do three more, hit the rowing machine for a few minutes before capping it up with a hard weight lifting session.

Spreading out the intervals over a longer period of time, however, does not constitute a full-blown High-Intensity Interval Training workout, but is an excellent way to build up one’s stamina.

High Interval Intensive training is without a doubt among the most effective weight loss programs. This is primarily because it burns more fat than any other physical weight loss method and has the unique advantage of not requiring any equipment. It is, therefore, worth trying as it guarantees impressive results, better than any other technique out there.

Positive and Negative Effects of Winstrol

Winstrol is a synthetic steroid whose active ingredient is Stanozolol. It is famous among great performance improvement bodybuilders and athletes due to its mild nature and very promising results after use. In addition, it is very favourable to women as it is considered 100% safe for use. This steroid has a number of effects, both positive and negative, which will be discussed in detail below.

One of the biggest positive effects of Winstrol is its ability to increase a person’s strength and speed to an incredibly large extent. This explains why it has been widely used for competitive sports for ages. In addition to boosting one’s strength and performance, it allows athletes to perform at their optimum level and with improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Winstrol tablets uk are also ideal for persons on a strict calorie diet, as they preserve lean muscle tissue resulting in an attractive harder and tighter physique. As observed in the past, a person with more muscle when dieting has better metabolism and eventually looks much better. Winstrol also has great vascular effects but which are best achieved when one is already in a lean state. Women also tend to achieve more in terms of growth from the steroids as they only require a small daily dosage of about 10mg per day.

Winstrol has a number of negative side effects some which could be lethal and physically degrading if the drug is administered in the wrong dosage. For starters, Stanozolol, the active ingredient in Winstrol is known to have an active life of about 8 days. Winstrol tablets also have a great bioavailability and can be detected over a period of even up to 3 weeks. The worst part is that they are not broken down in the liver during the first pass. This greatly increases the toxicity of the drug to the liver.

Other associated adverse reactions affect the genitourinary system of both men and women. In women, virilisation may occur resulting in menstrual irregularities and clitoral enlargement (clitoromegaly), a condition that is irreversible. In some cases, it has been reported that some women also develop a hoarse voice and experience increased facial hair. Pre pubertal effects in men include increased frequency of erections and a notable phallic enlargement. Post pubertal effects include bladder irritability, impotence and inhibited testicular function. Both sexes could also experience an increased or decreased libido.

Winstrol tablets may also cause baldness in women and increased acne occurrence in boys experiencing puberty, and women. Some people will experience headaches and difficulty sleeping which are among the less serious side effects of the drug. Patients are advised to report edema if they experience a retention of sodium, chloride, potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and water and a decrease in secretion of calcium by the urinary tract. This effects are characteristic of many anabolic steroids but should, however, not be ignored. Nausea and vomiting can be highlighted as some of the gastrointestinal effects expected and may occur in some people.

When taken in the right dosage and for the correct amount of time, the side effects of Winstrol tablets experienced can be kept at a minimum. One must contact a doctor if they have prostate cancer, breast cancer or are expectant before commencing any Winstrol administration.