Anabolic Steroid Dangers, a Stereotypical Menace

Anabolic steroid dangers are very real and very common. Many people take these powerful drugs without doing any research into the potential negative effects they may cause.

This article will help educate anyone thinking of using steroids for the first time and wanting to know the potential dangers.

Anabolic Steroids are basically artificial versions of the male hormone testosterone. Steroids have two typical effects on the human body; anabolic, a muscle building effect and an androgenic, or masculinising effect.

They have been widely used by people in the sports fraternity, mostly sportsmen and fewer sportswomen because of the realization that they lead to increased body weight and strength.

Anabolic Steroids are readily available from illicit sources due to them being illegal to sell in many countries.

In this day and age, they are not only used by competitive users but also everyday people purely for cosmetic purposes.

There are however many drawbacks in using the steroids (anabolic) which may adversely affect some vital body functions. Let us now briefly look at some of the potential side effects of anabolic steroid use.

Major side effects/dangers of anabolic steroid use

Skin: The most common side effect is suffering from acne which is usually developed using moderate levels. The more steroids you take the higher the risk.

a male steroid user showing his acne covered back

Heart: There have been evident cases of people who have suffered from a heart attack as a result of using steroids.

Aggression: this can take many forms including but not limited to paranoia, irritability, verbal hostility, and physical assault.

Sexual Disturbance: There may be a disturbance in sexual function arising from the use of the steroids. For example, in men steroids depresses the pituitary hormones formation that effects the function of the testis and lowers naturally produced testosterone.

Bleeding: There can be a lengthening of the bleeding time due to a clotting deficiency caused by steroids. Some athletes have suffered from a stroke when using steroids due to clot formation.

Tendon damage: Steroids strengthen and build muscle but do not enhance tendons. Due to increased stresses placed on the tendons, users may suffer from tendon tears and ruptures.

Women and Side Effects: Anabolic steroids can produce unusual effects in a female, such as voice deepening, clitoral enlargement and irregularity of periods.

It is therefore important that if a steroids user notices any of the above side effects, he or she should stop using the steroid immediately.

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