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4 Major Benefits to Using Tanning Tablets


Everyone feels great and looks their best with a soft golden glow but it’s not always easy keeping a tan without compromising your health.

The great news is that there’s now a new alternative which protects your health and skin while still giving you the same beautiful appearance: tanning tablets.

Here’s four advantages that tanning tablets have on the rest of the market.

1 – You won’t get wrinkles

If you care about how you look, getting wrinkles is going to be a concern but unfortunately regular exposure to sunlight will cause serious premature ageing.

Skin which has been tanned regularly from UV rays soon takes on a leathery, thickened appearance, making you seem much older than you really are. Wrinkles, sunspots and crow’s feet can all be caused by exposure to UV rays.

Tanning tablets work without any exposure to sunlight so you won’t develop any wrinkles or signs of premature ageing, just a golden glow.

2 – No risk of skin cancer

Wrinkles may seem undesirable but exposure to sunlight can be much worse than just a few lines on your face.

Exposure to sunlight in sufficient doses to get a tan means sustaining harmful damage to your skin. This applies regardless of whether you use an indoor tanning bed or go outdoors into natural sunlight.

Tanning of any kind is linked to a higher incidence of skin cancer because the damage is being done before you even realise it. And it could take many years for the effect of tanning to show.

Tanning tablets don’t carry any risk of skin cancer and because you don’t need sunlight for them to work, you can get a golden glow safely.

3 – No mess

fake-tanOne popular alternative to exposure to UV rays is using a fake tan, and this can be a great way to get an all over glow.

However, fake tan isn’t without its own problems. To get an even tan without any streaking means that a careful application is needed. And that also means making sure you don’t rub off the cream, gel or mousse before its dry.

Fake tan can get onto clothes and bedlinen, plus the application is messy. Have you ever tried applying fake tan to your own back?!

By contrast, tanning tablets are easy: just pop a pill and wait for your tan to develop, no mess and no fuss.

4 – An even glow

While having a beautiful tan will make you look your best, white patches or streaks aren’t exactly sexy.

If you’re tanning under UV rays, indoors or out, it’s almost impossible to get an even colour without white patches even if you manoeuvre into the most uncomfortable positions! And fake tan can be streaky, particularly if you sweat or your skin isn’t scrupulously clean before you apply it.

With tanning tablets, you don’t have to worry about whether it will be even, just pop a pill and with no fuss you’ll soon have a beautiful all-over tan, with no white bits or patches.

Look your best with Tanning Tablets

Rio’s Tanning Tablets are among the best in the market, providing a natural looking tan that’s totally safe which you can buy here. Say goodbye to white patches, streaks and messy applications and hello to a gorgeous golden glow!