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Tanning and Bodybuilding – How They Go Hand in Hand

Fake tans make body builders appear full with bulging muscles when they show up on stage. They use plenty of flashy and eye catching tans that will make gym stretch marks appear like muscle ripples. Sunless tan magnifies their gym efforts to their admirers, with a little effort and tanner you can also get that illusionary perfect figure, if you are concerned about leaving impressions that is.

Tan makes you look muscular

On a darker skin, muscles appear bigger and prominent than is the case for lighter skin tones. Fake tans save you precious time that you would spend sunbathing to achieve the darker skin tone. You can get those muscles sticking out with little effort when you have to appear in competition, contests, or photoshoots. Body builders like to use fake tan to highlight the muscles on their chest, torso rams, and legs.

Tan highlights muscle definition

With a tan spray or lotion, the patterns of your muscles get highlighted. The more you apply to make your skin darker the more defined your muscles look. This gives your admirers the impression that you are rippling with muscles. With tanning, you also get to bottle back the genie of acne before it goes any further.

Tanning makes you look leaner

Many celebrities and body builders break a lot of sweat trying to blast body fat, to appear curvaceous and muscular. Sunless tan can make you look slimmer, on the face your eyes will appear sunken and the abdomen are will appear smaller than is really is. This concept is like the one plus size models use; dark wardrobes to appear slimmer. The tan trickery works for all body types and with a little effort you get to blow the mind of your admirers.

With tan you get to look really good on stage in whatever lighting condition. That is why in a competition or show you will never see a body builder with a white tone for it makes them appear smaller than their darker counterparts. White guys look softer and round. The tanning concept for god looks also works for models, they need tan to appear endowed in the right areas even though they might be endowed everywhere.

It all contributes to the final score

Performance tans greatly contribute to the final score and so competitors want to ensure that their darker features are standing out. Darker skin highlights all the efforts they have spent in the gym.

If one of your dreams is good looks then fake tans can make that dream come true, you will achieve the muscular looks you desire. Whether if you have to appear in competitions, TV shows or shoots for a magazine cover, sunless tans will save your day. You get the chance to perfect what you have been working on, and make the world your rippled muscles. That said, you need to know what works well on your skin, when spraying, get a specialist to assist you so that the tan is applied evenly or else you will lose points. For more info on every aspect of tanning see